73 data records are lost or stolen every second based on the statistics of Breach Level Index. Let’s avoid those incidents. We’ve got teams that manage data securely. Breach-free and leak-free. GDPR Compliant.

The advent of cloud services and increased use of internet in performing day to day business operations has made it imperative that improved internet security systems are set up. This is especially important as confidential organizational data, client data and employee data needs to be protected from hacking, phishing and potential misuse.

Mango Consulting team helps you not just to protect your valuable data but to identify the best preventive internet security systems to be set up so that any potential data leakage can be stopped. Our team of consultants will work with you to assess the current security systems in place and identify the loopholes that may exist within the system.

Once the evaluation and auditing are completed, we will identify the gaps and have the network, server and data protection systems set up and reviewed periodically to ensure that upgrades are made to protect against any latest malware or phishing scams.

Why Mango Consulting?

  • Save your project cost up to 40%
  • Hire Remote Web Developers Web Designers
  • Global performance based project management
  • Innovative team members with Web 2.0 expertise
  • Quality driven delivery service model
  • Detail Time Sheets & Daily Reporting

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